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tv   Action News  ABC  June 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala program. meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday june 11th and here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking some storms to our west. see them right there. meteorologist, david murphy has the update on storm tracker 6 live. >> a passenger in the crash that injured tracy morgan speaks out about surviving that traumatic accident. >> and there will not be any lights in the sky on fourth of july in one south jersey community. find out what prompted officials to pull the plug. >> all right, let's take a look now at accuweather and traffic. david murphy my yard says thank you very much. it does not need another drink of water and karen has been watching some serious doings out there on the road.
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good morning. >> not a lot of rain this morning but here on the terrace i'm standing in a low lying bank of cloud cover. the big rain is out to the west. this is slowly moving from the east over the last hour and a half it was just on the other side of harrisburg and now about halfway between harrisburg and redsing. there are some thunderstorms embedded in this. you can see the lightning flashing north of lancaster and out to the northwest of reading. down in chester county a couple of showers beginning to move in and this may fall apart as it pushes towards the east. during the rush hour we have a chance of it popping through. 70 degrees your temperature in philadelphia, cloudy maybe a little bit of mist on the windshield right now. as we go through the day 69 by 9 o'clock, by noon we're up into the mid 70's and your high today is 77 at 3 o'clock. clouds for the most part, some sunny breaks possible and less of a chance of rain overall during the day than what we've had the last couple of days but there is the chance avenue
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spotty shower. obviously that stuff to the west is starting to move into some of the western suburbs this morning. a better chance of rain tomorrow afternoon, even better on friday. it could be heavy at times. details on that coming up. >> the big accident of the morning is in south jersey in hamilton township and it's an accident involving two dump trucks and a head-on collision. police are telling us someone is entrapped in one of the vehicles right now. emergency workers are there, debris all over the roadway. as you can imagine with a accident with dump tracks involved. there could be a fuel spill and possible hazmat situation. it's a mess of a scene. route 50 shuts down in both directions at south county boulevard. watch for this not far from mays landing and egg harbor city so look for this accident on route 50. stick to cologne avenue as your alternate to avoid the closure at route 50. overall speeds are looking okay for the most part in the 50's on the blue route and the schuylkill. some spots starting to see slowing. on night. looking at about 44 miles an
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hour. we have police activity that's causing some restrictions. it's here in dense ton. mascher street at huntingdon street. watch for possible restrictions and lane closures. outside live on the schuylkill expressway near the conshohocken curve westbound traffic showing a tap of the brakes. no major delays or issues and roads here looking pretty clear and dry, matt and tam. >> and that a you karen. happening today the truck driver charged in that fatal crash on the new jersey turnpike that also injured comedian tracy morgan is due in court. we're also hearing for the first time from a victim as he is the first one to leave the hospital. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live at the big board and she's got more on the story. good morning, erin. good morning, tam. you can see when this truck moves away you're going to be able to see that limo bus they were in. it was just mangled. considering how serious this accident was, harris stanton is very lucky he escaped with a broken wrist and a bruised ankle. stanton says the wreck happened in an instant and because there was no back window to the limo bus, that he was in, he never saw that
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tractor-trailer barreling towards them. kevin roper is due in court today. it has been reported that he hadn't slept in more than 24 hours. and in an exclusive interview stanton said one minute the group of friends were cracking jokes and the next minute they were being thrown around inside that limo bus. he said the impact of the crash made him feel like he was inside a metal box that was being crushed around him. stanton said comedian tracy morgue gun who remains hospitalized was unconscious after the limo bus was hit. >> it happened so fast and when it stopped, tracy was on top of me and i didn't see anyone else. just metal and i could see the stars from outside 'cause the top was ripped opened and i heard a driver cursing out the other driver and i was just saying, help me, get me out of here. i just was trying to get out. >> unfortunately comedian james mcnair did not survive the crash. kevin roper, the driver that
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rear-ended the limo bus is due in court today. it's been reported that the driver hadn't slept in more than 24 hours. tam. >> all right, thank you, erin. new this morning, police are questioning a driver who lost control and smashed into three parked cars. it happened on the 4800 block of roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia just before 3 o'clock in the morning. the driver was not seriously injured. >> this is a brand new update at 6:00 a.m. a lehigh valley mother plans to plead guilty over a happy hour that took a sobering turn. prosecutors say lisa altif left her baby alone in a cold car while she sat in a bethlehem township bar drinking wine back in march. the infant was strapped inside a minivan for nearly five hours with no formula or fresh diapers. altif plans to accept a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment. >> it's six:05. and the city of trenton has a new mayor. eric jackson won in last night's election by a 12 percent margin. after campaigning against paul
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perez jackson came out on top and is ready to take over the reigns of the troubled city. the 55 year old has held numerous municipal positions in the city over the years and is currently the public works director in plainfield. jackson will become trenton's first elected mayor since former mayor tony mack was ousted from office after conviction on corruption charges. >> this is our time. to turn the chapter, move in a new direction, to make this a great capital. are you with me on this journey? >> jackson will be sworn into office next month. >> the number of credit card hackings continues to grow. this time it involves an asian restaurant chain with locations in our area. maribel aber live at the nasdaq in times square to offer details on this one. hey, maribel. >> reporter: hi there, matt. the restaurant chain pf chang's is investigating a possible data breach, this following reports that thousands of stolen credit and debit cards went up for sale on an underground marketplace.
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cyber security blogger brian krebs broke the news on tuesday. he reports many cards had been used at pf chang's between march and may of this year. frequent flyers on united airlines will be seeing sweeping changes to their program. the airline announced tuesday it would reward customers based on who spend the most instead of miles traveled. this mirrors a similar change delta made to their frequent flier program earlier this year. both go into effect in 2015. record setter for stocks. dow higher for its fourth record setting close. are you ready to drive the tomato mobile? ford and heinz are teaming up to make car parts out of catch up by products. the company announced tuesday they're looking for ways to manufacture leftover tomato peels and stems into brackets and cup holders. matt that's recycling. >> absolutely. they do it with oil, why not with catch up. thanks maribel. see you later a. a fourth of july tradition in south jersey is ending after nearly 30 years.
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officials in cherry hill have canceled the township's fireworks show. the dig display draws thousands to cherry hill west high school but the crowds have grown too big. at the advice of the police department leaders decided they can no longer handle the celebration and keep people safe. funds reserved for the fireworks will be used >> time to take a look at accuweather. we had a little bit rain. a little less today. >> probably overall, yeah. right now there is some creeping into the western suburbs but yeah this may be the main batch of the day. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you we have some showers and some thunderstorms out to the west. two dimensional view showing you parts of the south western corner getting hit by this. there you see it on the move. as we take a closer view at that it looks like areas around oxford are starting to get a bit of this. newark, delaware, may also pick up a shower, perhaps a
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little brief heavy shower out of that as it pushes toward the east and if we go farther up the pike toward reading, for now reading has nothing more than just a little light sprinkle officer shower around but this is the line heading in your direction and there is some lightning right now associated with this out by lancaster county. as this pushes towards the east it may fall apart but at the same time we have to allow for some of this to make it in and again it is on the move ever so slowly from the west. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies in place over philadelphia. in fact the clouds are low enough where they might be producing a little bit of mist on your windshield this morning in some spots. i just had that out on the terrace a couple moments ago. 70 degrees in philadelphia, same thing in wilmington, 70 in allentown, 71 up in reading. little bit cooler down here by the shore. upper 60's in sea isle city and the boardwalk in ac. here's future tracker 6. we have that rain out to the west. as it pushes towards the east it looks like it has the chance of diminishing a little bit but i could see some showers and perhaps a thunderstorm cruising into the
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western suburbs between now and about 8 o'clock or in inclock. by noon looks like we'll be back into a more tranquil pattern and for the rest of the day it will be clouds with some sunny breaks and just a slight chance of a pop-up shower or a thunderstorm but as tam mentioned, not as much of a chance today as what we had the last couple of afternoons. 74 is the high in allentown this afternoon, clouds, some sunny breaks possible, humid, maybe a shower around at times and down the shore mid 60's in the water, 66 on the beach at noon and 70 by 3 o'clock. that's about all you'll see today, maybe a little bit higher than that in some spots. spotty storm can't be ruled out but we are mainly dry during the afternoon at the shore and in philadelphia a high of 77, mostly cloudy, humid. the storm can't be ruled out at times but mainly dry. and as we roll through the day that's how the temperatures are going to go. we'll be up into the low 70's by late morning and the mid 70's through the afternoon. lots of clouds out there, maybe a sunny break. tonight at the phillies 73 degrees for the first pitch, 70 in the ninth inning, mostly cloudy, probably dry for the phils and padres and then tomorrow in the
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afternoon, we will be on the lookout sometime after 12 o'clock for the potential for some rain to begin to build in and tomorrow afternoon actually looks pretty wet. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 77 degrees, warm and humid today. a spotty shower possible, maybe a thunderstorm here and there. humid with a better chance of showers building in during the afternoon tomorrow and there could even be some pockets of heavy rain tomorrow, 81 is the high. then on friday, 83, warm and humid and a better chance of showers and thunderstorms through the day and some of those on friday could also produce some heavy downpours. we'll be looking for some street flooding if any of that happens on thursday and friday. then we get into saturday and it looks like that system is gone so fast that we reemerge with dry conditions in the morning, sun building, lowering humidity during the day and sunday also looks really nice. >> all right, sunday is a good day to look really nice. >> gary papa run. >> yup. it's 6:11. more brands new updates next including the new effort to find a family of four that vanished in alaska. karen. >> looking live right now at i-95, you see that southbound
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traffic just starting to slow up a little bit approaching to past girard. we'll check i-95 in delaware county and have a look at your jersey view coming up. >> a and a police officer in the poconos one in need of a rescue. find out how you can help later on "action news."
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>> ♪ >> 6:15. you can clearly see the fog >> 6:15. taking a look at penn's landing right now. it's spotty out there and also we have some strong storms that are forming out to the west. >> and karen, the fog seems to be an issue in the shot that you're looking at right now, too. >> you can see the reduced visibility and this is an accident that just came in. this is on the roosevelt boulevard southbound here approaching the schuylkill. we see the flashing lights. we've got police on the scene. a multi vehicle accident looks to be three vehicles involved but you're right with the fog it's a little hard to see how many right here. but we can see it's blocking the two right lanes so just one lane getting by southbound on the boulevard here approaching the schuylkill. watch for a multi vehicle accident. police on the scene and let's take a look at the visibility reports. we can see we dropped just a little bit in philadelphia, 4-mile visibility still isn't bad. 1.3-mile visibility in beach haven, 2 miles in atlantic city and wildwood not bad. but .3 in mount pocono.
6:16 am
in that area it's more of an issue as well as lancaster it's less than a mile. but you certainly can see the fog here but we see a number of vehicles involved. looks like we have a tow truck live pulling up on the scene. again this is the business accident on the boulevard at southbound here approaching the schuylkill blocking the two right lanes. overall in new jersey this is your overview. let's look at your majors. 295, turnpike, looking good. this is route 42, you're traveling about 55 miles an hour. this is 55, always jams up when you're headed to 42 but not yet. of course i draw over it so you can't see. 49 miles an hour so moving okay at this point. we expect those slow speeds to pop in any minute. just had a live update someone going by faster at 52 miles an hour in time for a certainly traffic report. steven brown tweeted me his ride. taking 95 from upper darby down to the wilmington water front area. at this point looking pretty good through delaware county on i-95. no major problems. of course you'll get that slowing when you hit the 495 split so watch for that, i-95 has been backing up lately but if you leaf early like that
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you're doing okay and you can tweet me your ride and i'll help you out with your morning commute. looking good on 95 and the accident we have is >> a man a woman and two girls ages three and five were last seen is at their apartment on my 27. authorities have expanded the search but there's been no sign of them. the last physical evidence police have of the family is surveillance video and in it it shows the woman and the children at a local business on may 18. a california court case could have major effects nationwide. a superior court judge in los angeles has ruled that teacher tenure is unconstitutional. and what's considered a landmark decision the judge ruled tenure harms students especially poor and minority ones by saddling them with bad teachers for almost, , who are almost impossible to fire. the california teachers association says it will be filing an appeal. a final decision could take years. teacher tenure is an issue in districts all over the
6:18 am
country. >> police force in the poconos rallying around a colleague with cancer. >> the spurs scorched the heat with a record setting first half showing. david. >> all right, guys, we have a fair amount of cloud cover around this morning. it's also muggy. when we come back, we'll show you how to dress the kids and we'll also get you to your daypart forecast. right now we're looking at 70 degrees in philadelphia. we'll be right back trying to stay fit but miss real pleasure?
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try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. ♪ zyrtec®. muddle no more™. [ female announcer ] and now introducing children's zyrtec® dissolve tabs for full 24 hour allergy relief. children's zyrtec® dissolve tabs happy father's day! thanks! yeah! what? we're shop your way members so i get more get a bigger father's day at kmart. and members who spend $75 or more get $10 back in points. kmart. where members always get more. >> welcome back. some breaking news here. karen has been telling you about this now. we've got some image much this is route 50 northbound here in hamilton township atlantic county. you're taking a look at what happened after two dump trucks ran into each other about 4:30 this morning. debris everywhere. look at the front of the red truck, just crushed in as it's
6:21 am
being lifted up looks like momentarily on the back of that tow truck. again two dump trucks running into each other northbound route 50 there and causing quite a scene on those roads with debris everywhere. >> that's right, as the action cam widens out you get a sense of that. we already have a tow truck on the scene and you can see some of the debris out there on part of the road right now. we can also see it's blocked in both directions. there you see police on the scene in hamilton township. this is hamilton township right now and it's closed in both directions at south county boulevard because of this horrible accident scene. we were hearing someone was entrapped in the vehicle there so police and emergency quickly responding. we were hearing reports of a possible hazmat situation with a fuel spill. not really seeing that from this shot at this point but you see the number of emergency workers there on the scene and police have that area stopped right now. route 50 in both directions at south county boulevard. we can go to the maps and show you this, too. todd tweeted me a picture of the scene a little early on
6:22 am
and you see just the wreckage that of vehicle right there. route 50 closed at south county boulevard. stick to cologne avenue as your alternate. >> earlier there was a line of thunderstorms that i said would probably diminish a little bit in intensity. sure enough that's happening. i'm not seeing any lightning, might be a little thunder still left over with this one cell to the south and west of reading but it is managing to push into areas to the west of reading and down into areas of western chester county. new castle county probably gets a little bit of this as well and now some new lightning strikes have popped up right in there but nothing like it was before when it was back by harrisburg. so, as we go through the next hour, hour and a half, if you're in the western suburbs look for this stuff very slowly coming in from the west. hopefully it continues to fall apart. if you're dressing the kids, some of those western suburbs might need an umbrella bet but most of you will be fine without one. this afternoon shorts and t's and very little chance of showers this afternoon, maybe something real spot tomorrow. as you take a look at the way temperatures are going to go, 69 degrees by 9 o'clock, we're up to 77 for a high by 3
6:23 am
o'clock and then back to 75 by 6 o'clock. clouds, some sunny breaks, slight chance of a shower around through the day but the western suburbs seeing some stuff moving in right now. matt. >> the stanley cup finals could end tonight in game four at madison square garden. the rangers face elimination trailing the kings three to nothing in the best of seven series. santonio now up two games to one in the nba if i'ms. the spurs put on an incredible shooting performance in the first half of last night's win over the heat in miami. the spurs made 19 of their first 21 shots and fired at a 76 percent clip in what is now the best shooting half in finals history. final store 111-92. game four is tomorrow night on 6abc. coverage begins at 8:30. you can also watch the game on your mobile device by downloading the watch abc app. >> it is now 6:23. all new at 6:30, a swatting prank brings traffic to a screeching halt outside of new york city. >> katherine scott is updating the investigation into a school drug scare in west
6:24 am
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grilled chicken flatbread from dunkin'? take notes, people! it's delicious! grilled chicken is now at dunkin'. try the delicious new grilled chicken flatbread with ancho chipotle sauce today. america runs on dunkin'. >> this story is new. a community in the poconos rallying around a police officer. officer torres is battling an advanced for the purpose of cancer. the police department is trying to raise $30,000 to send torres and his 11 children to mexico where the sick officer can receive an alternative treatment for his disease. now torres adopted five of disease.
6:27 am
have downs syndrome. >> given them the opportunity to have a foundation a-family a home, just love and i just want that return back to him. >> friends have raised $10,000 for torres so far to find out how to help, you can head to go fund i've also posted this on my facebook page and tweeted it out and if you go to those places feel tree forty two tow share retweet pass it on. >> great community effort. 6:27. meteorologist, david murphy is watching some rain showers forming out to our west. >> developing right now a sniper scare near new york city turns out to really be a hoax. and now police are turning their focus to philadelphia. hiiiii.
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having coffee. ohh. >> developing now on "action news" a-swatting scam cripples the new york city commute and we're learning more about a local connection this morning. >> there are new overnight developments in the case against a philadelphia mother whose child reportedly brought heroin to school. >> a top republican leader's stunning defeat. hear from the underdog who dealt a shocking blow to congressman eric cantor. >> good morning, it's 6:30 right now. let's go right on over to karen and david arc lot going on. let's check in with david for accuweather and karen rogers is watching the roads. good morning. >> good morning everybody. we have some low lying cloud cover and patchy fog across the region and here on the terrace there's a little bit
6:31 am
of mist. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you there are showers out to the west of philadelphia. these are very slowly pushing toward the east and they are losing a bit of intensity as they head in our direction but they have managed to push into southwestern chester county starting to push across the border in new castle delaware. there might be lingering lightning and thunder up closer to reading. as we take a look at the temperatures, 71 degrees in philadelphia. under the clouds, fairly comfortable, although it is fairly muggy. and as we go in through the day, looks like mainly cloudy skies with some occasional sunny breaks. 69 degrees by 9:00 with some showers sort of filtering through the western suburbs and maybe making it into philadelphia toward the end of the rush hour and then 74 degrees by noon. your high today is 77 at 3 o'clock. very small chance of a shower ar thunderstorm through the afternoon today. but we'll allow for to it pop up here or there in a couple of corners. karen we have a better chance of rain to my afternoon and again friday. i'll have details in the seven
6:32 am
day. >> all right, dave, the action cam live on the scene of a horrible accident in hamilton township, new jersey. two dump trucks collided head on right here on route 50 and as we look live at the scene we can see they've got heavy duty tow trucks on the scene set up right here. there was debris on the roadway, they cleared that. you can see they're trying to put that dump truck on the tow truck right now as me move it around. this happened northbound on route 50 right here and they've had to shut down route 50 in both directions at south county boulevard in hamilton township because of this accident scene and you can see the size of this vehicle part of the problem in them trying to get it on that tow truck. we were hearing someone was entrapped in the vehicle. debris on the roadway. even a fuel spill in this area. they're still dealing with the wreckage right now in hamilton township. as we go to the maps you can see this area right now and also that it's not far, you can use route 50 to get to the atlantic city expressway to get to 322 so instead of that you've got to use cologne avenue with 50 being blocked
6:33 am
in both directions and todd sent us this tweet. you can see what the video looked like, what the picture looked like as soon as this happened with those dump trucks colliding on the scene rider here. a nasty mess. we had an accident here to give you an update on the boulevard southbound near the schuylkill, it just cleared. some residual delays southbound near the schuylkill and certainly you see the patchy fog in this area as well, tam. >> thank you, karen. we're going to begin with a developing story. a 911 call that interrupted the new york city commute turned out to be a hoax. and authorities think the prankster could be from philadelphia. let's go right on over to "action news" reporter erin o'hearn live at the big board. she's got the story. good morning, erinism good morning, tam. you here about just how dangerous swatting is. this latest threat happened about 5:45 yesterday evening in weehawkin, new jersey, which as you can see created quite a sticky rush hour north of us but as you said, there is a philadelphia connection. authorities say someone made a threatening call to 911 hudson county police claiming he had
6:34 am
high powered weapons and was heading to new york city. police haven't found the caller but traced the phone to a philadelphia residence. the phone was used from a location in weehawkin close to the lincoln tunnel it's unknown if the owner of the phone actually made the call or if another person did. local roads were shut down and side streets were congested as people tried to make their way home from work. >> i mean, there's tankers and all of these police and port authority. i have no idea what's going on. just trying to get home to my six-month-old. >> reporter: scary situation for commuters. the investigation continues but as of now, no arrests have been made and there are no suspects yet in this phony call. matt. >> all right, erin, thanks so much. another new story here on "action news." police in berks county say they are no closer to figuring out what happened to a man who vanished 10 days ago. 65-year-old robert cos sick was last seen on june 1st. he left behind his car, cell phone and other personal
6:35 am
items. a k-9 search and rescue team scoured his home but could not find any clues. >> i just hope they find him safe and find out what happened to him. >> right now police do if the suspect foul play. anyone who might have seen him should call amity township police. a philadelphia mother and her boyfriend were charged overnight in connection with a grade school drug scare. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside john barry promise academy in west philadelphia. katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt, we're hearing that that mother and her live-in boyfriend were charged after a six-year-old girl brought heroin to school. that first grader is now in dhs custody and that little girl and 19 of her classmates here at john barry elementary school in west philadelphia were taken to the hospital yesterday to be checked out. "action news" was there as the girl's mother arrived at the school. she and her boyfriend were taken in for questioning. undercover drug officers searched the parkside home in
6:36 am
viola street. overnight police confirm the two were charged with endangering the welfare avenue child, posing narcotics and recklessly endangering another person: a teacher spotted a child chewing on one of the packets, sending the school into emergency mode and 20 students went to chop as a precaution. it's unclear if that little girl ingested any but all the kids were medically clear. they were also interviewed by police. "action news" did speak with some of the parents outside of the hospital. >> she has no idea what drugs are. she thought they were passing around autism i think unfortunately i have to teach her about drugs after seven years old. >> reporter: and we're told that school counselors will be on hand today as students head back one day after that drug scare. we're lie in west philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> katherine thank you for that. this is a jaw dropper. house majority leader eric cantor lost his primary in virginia beaten by a little
6:37 am
known college professor. cantor was one of the most powerful republicans in washington and the number two man in congress. now how big is this? cantor is the first sitting house majority leader to lose since 1899. dave brat whose primary issue was opposition to immigration reform. brat said it was his focus on ideas that beat -- despite being widely out spent. >> there's one reason we won this campaign. that's because dollars do not vote; you do. >> this fall brat will face democrat jack trammel also a professor at the same college, randolph make couldn't. brat spent about $200,000, cantor spent 5.4 million. our colleague reports >> those storms out to the west not really going to move across here are they.
6:38 am
>> not everywhere. storm tracker 6 live double scan right now matt shows us they are to the west. they are diminishing in intensity. as we take the close up view currently not seeing any recent lightning strikes in the last 10 or 15 minutes from this area of precipitation out by reading. i'll go in closer to it though because it does look like enough of this is going to survive to overtake reading probably in the next five or 10 minutes. fleetwood the same story. if we go down the front of this line you can see honeybrook on the western edge of chester county also beginning the get a little wet. coatesville not too far away from this, maybe another 10 minutes or so and it looks like the stuff that is moving into newark, delaware, is starting to fall apart a bit. you see some holes behind it but we certainly have to allow for at least a little bit of rain there as well and again i'll give you the motion. this is moving very slowly, though, and it is falling apart, so when matt asked me is it going to make it all the way across the region, that's kind of hard to say. some of it could survive to philadelphia but there's an even chance that it's very
6:39 am
diminished by the time it gets here and that would probably be like more towards the end of the rush hour. as we look outside, we have cloudy skies and there is some moisture on some of your windshields this morning because of the low lying cloud cover. and the fog that's developed across parts of the region. so, you mire might have to run your windshield wipers even if you're not beneath one of those big showers we just showed you. 71 degrees in philadelphia, the dewpoint still pretty high so it's humid out there and the winds are out of the east-northeast at nine. future tracker 6 shows us by eight or 8:30 there could be action out to the west of the philadelphia, perhaps some of this pushing in closer to the city. by the time it comes through philadelphia it's probably a lot less rain than what we have had through the west. by noon it looks mainly dry. it will still and muggy. we'll have clouds with some sunny breaks and there's a chance of a pop-up shore or thunderstorm today but not as much activity. temperature-wise still in the upper 60's by 8 o'clock, in the low 70's by 10 or 11
6:40 am
o'clock. we'll spend the afternoon in the mid to upper 70's with a high of 77 around philadelphia. i could see that striking around 3:00 or 3:30 this afternoon. cloudy skies, some sunny breaks and once we get rid of this morning batch of heavy rain probably not a whole else coming the rest of the day. high temperatures across the region, we'll go with mid 70's up in allentown, a little warmer in the i-95 corridor and down closer to 70 degrees at the shore today. at the phillies tonight, it looks like mostly cloudy skies but a very good chance of staying dry. have a couple twitter followers headed down there and were concerned about it. you probably don't have to worry about it. i'll post a spotty shower. 73 degrees first pitch, 70 in the ninth. tomorrow we're looking at the possibility of more rain building in especially during the afternoon and at times it could be heavy with a thunderstorm mixed in. this is because of a warm front pushing through the region and friday a cold front comes in and gives us more chance of heavy rain. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, warm and humid today, a high of 77. tomorrow 81, humid and most of our showers will be in the
6:41 am
afternoon and perhaps the early evening and then friday showers and thunderstorms with a high of 83. still humid in through here but that system gets out of here in time to give us very quick improvement on saturday. any early cloud cover should melt away pretty quickly. we'll wind up with lower humidity a-bright afternoon and father's day also looks real good with lots of sunshine. so, put it there, dad. >> yeah. i'm running in the gary papa thing. i want the weather to be good. thank you david. we're learning more about the latest school shootings while students gather to remember their classmate who was killed by the gunman. >> they want add house on the water and now they're going to get it but not the way they wanted. the place is in danger of taking a plunge offer the cliff. karen. >> this is your westbound traffic on the schuylkill expressway at city avenue jammed from the boulevard to belmont so a slow go here. picture and some slow speeds
6:42 am
so yeah, i think we're good. i think that about wraps it up. so... great, i'll send a follow up email. i don't - there's nothing much to follow up on so i... well, we...we should regroup we just regrouped - this is the regrouping. (laughing) cool, i'll ping you later. you're pinging me now, what do you wanna ping about? next steps? there are no next steps. we just - we just solved them. huh....alright.
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> 6:44. bad accident karen has been following this one. >> a horrible scene this morning in hamilton township right now. route 50 closed at both directions at south county boulevard much the action cam on the scene showing us that two dump trucks collided head on right here on the scene on route 50. it actually happened northbound but because of the severity of the accident they've shut down route 50 in both directions. we're watching live as crews were on the scene dealing with this. debris all over the roadway. look at that dump truck that just spilled everything out on the roadways. got a number of emergency workers here. originally there was someone entrapped in one of the
6:45 am
vehicles. a fueling spill reported. hazmat had to come here and can you see what they're doing? they're actually picking up, looks like they were carrying soil of some sort, one of the dump trucks. crews scooping it up off the roadway onto awaiting other dump truck. it's going to be closed awhile here. this is route 50 and it is closed again at south county boulevard. this is only about a half a mile from the atlantic city expressway so people in this area might use route 50 to try to hop on the expressway. you can't do that this morning again on the maps you could use cologne avenue as your alternate. todd tweeter out this picture when it first happened and you can see the wreckage of this vehicle. a mess of a scene in hamilton township right now. let's look at the big picture. slow speeds coming in everywhere. 95 southbound 36 miles an hour. in kensington we've got restrictions on mascher street near huntington street. 18 miles an hour. yievment 95 southbound from allegheny to girard, 16 miles an hour right now on the schuylkill expressway
6:46 am
westbound. we showed that you jam up a minute ago at city avenue. let's go ahead and look outside at 422. this is your eastbound traffic approaching trooper and you're a little heavy here from oaks to 23, not a terrible jam but you see it beginning. a quick look at visibility reports. fog isn't real that bad. philadelphia international airport eight miles. point 3-pointer poke. -- >> a lakes side luxury home in texas is about as close to on the water as you can get. it is now hanging off of a cliff along the lake whitney shore line. neighbors have been ordered to stay away from the property. soil and other debris has already fallen from the foundation. the residence built in 20007 had been valued at more than $700,000. >> reynolds high school in oregon will remain closed this morning. police are busy trying to piece together why one teen walked into school and shot another teen to death. the school community gathered in portland last night for a candlelight vigil in memory of emilio hoffman.
6:47 am
the 14-year-old was killed by a classmate yesterday. police later found the suspect slumped over in a bathroom after taking his life. students describe the chaos. >> banging on the door saying there was a guy with a gun let us in so we let him in and we sprinted to our weight training room and we hid in there. >> he was carrying a gun running after one of our teachers, our pe teacher mr. wristler who ended up getting shot. >> the phys. ed. teacher was injured during that shooting. he's the one who ran to the office and initiated the school lockdown. he's expected to be fine. police are not releasing the name of the gunman. >> today is the day to finalize the deal to sell the philadelphia inquirer. gerry lenfest will be doing the deal alone. the son of the late lewis katz has announced that the family is pulling out of the partnership. drew katz says it is due to the turmoil of the last 10 days. lewis katz was killed in a fiery plane crash in massachusetts just four days
6:48 am
after inking an $88 million deal to buy the papers with lenfest. lawyers for lenfest did not offer comment on this. >> it's 6:48. up next we'll check in with meteorologist cecily tynan live at the gma studios. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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6:51 am
coming up on "gma"? >> reporter: oh, good morning, guys going to be a real fun morning on gma. this is what i'm really looking forward to seeing. sara haines who is hilarious an cast of hundreds will a tempt to break the world record for the most people on trampolines scene -- simultaneously. chef mario is here for a special father's day edition of good morning america's improve this series father's day and grilling parties, they go hand in hand and mario is cooking up some perfect dishes for dad's special day only on "gma." i wish they told me this before i had a big bacon egg and cheese bagel backstage. still picking the bacon out of my teeth so i'm getting fed well. looking forward to coming home. karen was asking me yesterday what did i eat because i didn't mention it yesterday so
6:52 am
i'm being fed very well. >> take care that of bacon and we'll see you in a few minutes. >> reporter: i'll try. >> can't wait to bring her back home. >> she may be tiny but she likes to eat. i can identify with. that i love a big breakfast. let's check on the roads. we had an accident here just a seconding a many i was watching as police in a tow truck pulled up and very quickly towed it away which is are aging because it's in busy spot. i-95 southbound at girard. disabled vehicle that was blocking the left lane right there so we're pretty jammed in that area and speaking of a jam up you see it right here on the 30 bypass at thirty three 40, that's your eastbound traffic kind of crawling along from 340 to 113 and the rain not too far off from there, dave. >> a line of heavy thunderstorms far to the west has diminished to mainly just showers but we're getting a couple of isolated downpours out in berks county, parts of western chester county and there looks like there's a possibility avenue thunderstorm erupting in northern kent county delaware. if you're in cumberland keep your eyes on that. this is pushing towards the east towards the rush hour
6:53 am
it's possible philadelphia picks up a bit of that if it doesn't fall apart before then. if you're dressing the kids in some of the western suburbs you'll want an umbrella. generally speaking shorts and t's work. we're looking at basically dry conditions once that line of morning showers move through. a-spotty shower today and a high of 77. [ male announcer ] tv's come a long way.
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go to today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities >> welcome back. here are your top stories. a philadelphia mother and her boyfriend were charged overnight in connection way grade school drug scare. the charges come after a first grader took heroin to the john barry promise academy yesterday. the wal-mart truck driver accused of triggering a crash that critically injured comedian tracy morgan and killed another comedian will face aup today. kevin roper is charged with death by auto and assault by auto. >> let's go back to that horrible accident scene in new jersey here. we're in hamilton township and we're watching the crews still try to work on this. it was a head-on collision involving to dump trucks. someone was entrapped in one of the vehicles. a fuel spill. hazmat was called to the scene and route 50 is closed in both directions at south county boulevard dave. >> storm tracker 6 live dub scan showing you showers pushing into the western suburbs creeping very slowly but we'll keep our eyes on these because later in the rush hour they could make it to philadelphia. kind of falling apart but
6:57 am
certainly a possibility. 69 degrees by 9:00 your high today is 77. mostly dry today, clouds some sung still kind of humid. cecily tynan. for tamala edwards, karen rogers, david murphy, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great day, everyone. >> ♪ [ michael strahan ] i'm michael strahan, and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world. my favorite thing is the excitement of the outdoors. like rock climbing in the catskills, rafting in the adirondacks, surfing on long island,
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, political earthquake. one of the most stunning primary defeats in history. >> obviously, we came up short. >> majority leader, eric cantor, the second-most powerful man in the house, beaten by an unknown tea party rival. the ground shaking for the republicans right now. got a report of shots fired in the locker room. >> national crisis. another school shooting. this time, a 14-year-old freshman dead in a high school locker room. a teacher injured by a teen gunman. president obama saying the country should be ashamed by the growing epidemic. going to extremes. flooding across the u.s. this dramatic rescue of a 10-year-old girl, swept away by a fast-moving river, caught on tape. as this vacation mansion near dallas, dangles on the br


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